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Why do we use Virtual Receptionists?

Unfortunately, businesses without an Virtual Receptionist appear small in size to their potential customers.   Big businesses use Virtual Receptionists, almost exclusively, to maximize the soft benefits.  Firstly, let look at what we use Virtual Receptionists or auto-attendants for.  Reducing costs, increase capacity, increase productivity, improve customer service, capture information about the caller and what the […]

EasyFax lets you eliminate the cost and inconvenience of fax machines and phone lines, even as your customers and stakeholders continue to send and receive faxes in their customary way. Whether you choose to have a local fax number, establishing a local presence, or a toll-free number, for a national presence, communicate better with you stakeholders making your business appear both professional and established. Securely and reliably transmit documents from anywhere.

Send and receive faxes via email, with your browser, use your computer to send faxes directly , or use your traditional fax machine(s). EasyFax places no requirement on your customers whatsoever – in fact, they’ll never know you’re using it!

Pick your Numbers
You’re a customer, not a hostage Your fax number is yours. If you ever leave EasyCom, take your number with you.
Unlimited Faxing
Standard with all EasyFax plans. Send or Receive 1 or 1,000 faxes, same low cost.

Easy to Use

It Works… Because We Built it that Way

EasyCom, utilizes data centers all over the globe to route and connect calls.  EasyFax leverages this to provide a robust set of services and features that no one else offers.

The Best of Both Worlds

Phone Systems
Hybrid phone systems combine the flexibility of an on-premise system with the availability of the cloud.
File Sharing
Hybrid file combine the low cost storage capability of an on-premise system with the availability and redundancy of the cloud.
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