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Strategies for Websites

When you’re building an online presence, the most important aspect is your website. It’s your hub and your first impression. Are you using the right elements to maximize your website’s effectiveness? EasyCom provides software options that enable a website to use a variety of tools that include excellent and appealing web designs to stimulate ideas […]

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Password Policies

A password is a secret used to validate the identity of a user and protect the network and its users from unauthorized access. The only thing protecting the integrity of that network then is the password. If a username and password combination is compromised, the integrity of network security and the resources it protects has also been compromised.

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File Sharing Whitepaper

File Sharing Overview File transfer is one of the original applications of networking, preceding even email.  At it simplest, it is the practice of making files available for users to download over private or public networks.  There are several design issues surrounding file sharing, the two most important are the centralization and the privacy of […]