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Anatomy of a Telephone System

Paperless Faxing

Faxing remains as a dominant method of communicating business proposals, contracts and other documents that need to be sent exactly as they are. EasyCom allows customers to send and receive important documents from their computer, there is no need for a fax machine.

Send fax from email to any fax number, merging the convenience of email with fax. EasyCom helps small businesses offer more value to their customers by providing great service at the most affordable price. With EasyCom’s services, small businesses need not bother with extra costs of fax machines, ink, paper, etc. Small businesses are empowered to drive their costs down which translates to higher profit margin.

Telephony Services

“Delivering Fortune 500 features without the costs.” Successful businesses are always looking for creative ways to enhance customer service and increase worker productivity. Improving customer communications is a quick and easy way to boost customer relations and make more efficient use of your time and resources.With EasyCom’s services subscribers get:

  • A single number to be presented for the entire company, despite its being geographically distributed. A company could even choose to have no premises, with workers connected from home using their domestic telephones but receiving the same features as any business phone system user.
  • The ability to add telephone numbers in any city, state, country around the world; making it easier and cheaper for customers to reach out to you.
  • Easy access to toll-free and vanity numbers
  • Employees access the system remotely allowing one extension to ring in multiple locations (either concurrently or sequentially).
  • Eliminates the need for companies to manage or pay for on-site hardware and maintenance.
  • Provides scalability so that a larger system is not needed if new employees are hired, and resources are not wasted if the number of employees is reduced.


Voicemail systems are designed to convey a caller’s recorded audio message to a recipient. With EasyCom when a caller leaves you a voicemail, the message is sent as an attachment to any email address you choose.  Of course you can also check your voicemail from the phone as before, but this gives you an archival service of value.  You can save the email, with the original voice message intact, onto your hard drive.

“Imagine if…” You get a call from your client that gives instructions as to some extra staking of the property line they’d like done by the surveyor. You can always call the surveyor and reiterate the verbal message, and it will probably work well, even if they have to write a notebook full to get all the instructions right. Or, you can forward the voicemail from the client directly to the surveyor. There’s no middle person to mess up the information transfer, and the surveyor can play it over and over to get the instructions right without you having to say them multiple times on a phone call.

Virtual Receptionist

Incoming telephone lines of most businesses phone systems are answered by an Auto-Attendant or Virtual Receptionist. Unfortunately, businesses without an Virtual Receptionist appear small in size to their potential customers. A traditional in-house auto attendant is very expensive, requiring costly set up and maintenance and these systems are not in the price range of many small businesses.
“Get the features and benefits of a sophisticated Fortune 500 phone system, without the cost.” With EasyCom you get:

  • No busy signals — Ever!!!
  • Instant call transfer & voicemail allows you to keep everyone in your company accessible from the office, on the road, home, or away need
  • Customers and coworkers can instantly reach any employee anytime regardless of location.
  • Incoming calls are answered with a professional customized greeting you create and with unlimited voice prompts & menus provided you get the ultimate in flexibility
  • Calls can be instantly routed to the extension,voicemail,  and/or phone number of your choice.  You can add as many extensions or voicemail boxes as you need.
  • Callers can leave messages and you can retrieve your voice messages by phone or email.
  • Route callers to the phone numbers of your choice, for example your office, home, cell phone, etc. and add distinctive ring.  All based the conditions of  your choosing: time of day, caller id, menu prompts, and more.

Conference Calling

“In this Age of ‘Real-Time Communications’, Stay Connected, no matter where you happen to be in the world” Keeping employees connected when they work from home or in a virtual office has its challenges. When an employee spends the bulk of his or her time away from the office, communication can suffer and the employee may become isolated. In addition, off-site team members may be unaware of the minor changes that take place in the office. These problems can be avoided with forethought and the right communications tools.

Regular meetings via conference calls can alleviate feelings of isolation, build relationships, and facilitate collaboration. If you have an entire team of virtual workers, conference call becomes even more critical.

Conference Calling

  • Conference calls help with personification.
  • Save money on travel costs and increase productivity

Conference Bridging can

  • Schedule calls to team meetings or hold sales/customer training
  • Host up to 30 participants at one time
  • Password protected that can easily and frequently be changed

 Conference Bridge

Conference calls are an important component of any business. More and more small businesses have employees that work from home or on the road, while others stay in the office. The conference bridge makes it easy to connect these employees.

Holding conference calls is a convenient way to meet with multiple parties from different locations. Many small businesses offer services that require orientation and training, and need the ability to have a meeting place for their customers. EasyCom’s conference bridge can handle up to 100 callers, making it easy to facilitate training sessions for customers.

EasyCom makes virtual meetings easier to achieve with a secure conference bridge that your company controls.

Your company will get its own dedicated conference bridge number to give to attendees, and you can change the password as often as you like.
You can put together an online meeting and invite participants to join your call without the assistance of an operator.

Find me / Follow me

“It has changed the way I do business. My customers and prospects can now reach me at their convenience.” Missing too many customer calls? Route your virtual phone number to follow you wherever you go; home, office or on the road.

This powerful, yet simple, tool lets the user direct calls going to their office extension out to a different locations; based on individualized rules that the user determines.  So when customers call, they never get a busy signal or just dropped into voicemail.

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