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Why do we use Virtual Receptionists?

Unfortunately, businesses without an Virtual Receptionist appear small in size to their potential customers.   Big businesses use Virtual Receptionists, almost exclusively, to maximize the soft benefits.  Firstly, let look at what we use Virtual Receptionists or auto-attendants for.  Reducing costs, increase capacity, increase productivity, improve customer service, capture information about the caller and what the communication is about

Virtual Receptionists allow calls to flow directly to the individual(s) that need to be included in the communication,  bypassing the need for anyone else to route or having the caller introduce themselves multiple times.

To increase capacity, introduce the Company Directory or allow callers to directly dial a person’s extension.

Each of these benefits, are realized by using different approaches to maximize it for your organization.  To improve the customer service you incorporate the phone system into the organization and leverage its capabilities for marketing efforts levels introduce event specific messages, such as holiday schedule greetings or campaign specific greetings.

Reducing costs, generally targets the telephone carrier and the hard costs associated with having telephony services.  Virtual receptionists reduce the amount of time persons spend on the phone.  This has a hard cost, if your using metered service, in addition to obvious soft costs.  It can also reduce the number of lines necessary to support your organization, further affecting hard costs.  Programming your Virtual Receptionists to reduce costs focus on the ways you can reduce the amount of time your organizations spends on the phone.  It can

Big businesses use

Incoming telephone lines of  A traditional in-house auto attendant is very expensive, requiring costly set up and maintenance and these systems are not in the price range of many small businesses. “Get the features and benefits of a sophisticated Fortune 500 phone system, without the cost.” With EasyCom you get:

So we covered the stuff. The biggest reason we use Virtual Receptionists is the present a consistent and professional first impression with our stake holders.  Most businesses phone systems are answered by a Virtual Receptionist.

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