Professional Services Rate Structure

Professional Services RetainerProfessional Services AgreementProject Rates /
Statement of Work
Time & Material Rate
Standard Rate$185.00$225.00TBD$285.00 per hour
5+ hoursn/a$205.00  
20+ hours$165.00$185.00  
40+ hours$145.00$165.00  
80+ hours$125.00$145.00  
160+ hours  $95.00$125.00  

Blended Services Rates

EasyCom offers a blended rate services solution to our customers.  This means that we do not differentiate between the various skill levels necessary to perform a specific task and customer do not need to worry about the complexity of the service request being made. 

Time & Material (T&M)

The T&M rate is used by EasyCom as a maximum applied rate and is applicable only to those customers that have not entered into an agreement with EasyCom prior to performing professional services. 

Professional Services Agreement (PSA)

This arrangement may be a good initial step to helping the customer understand that their information technology shouldn’t only be given attention when things have gone wrong. Rather, it needs continuous attention to prevent things going wrong at all.  It may also be used to manage the cost increase of any overage associated with other types of agreements. In this agreement EasyCom company sells and bills the customer upfront for blocks of contracted time (say 10 hours) and then decreases that block of time when work is performed on the client’s IT infrastructure.

Professional Services Retainer (PSR)

With a PSA, customers are able to access a reduced rate for professional services by committing to a minimum number of hours each month.  These hours are used at the customer’s request but should be allocated to recurring work efforts such as systems maintenance or predictable support requests. 

Statement of Work (SOW)

The statement of work captures and defines all the work management aspects a project.  It will note the activities, deliverables, timetable, and cost for a specific project or work effort.  It’s a detailed work document that lays the groundwork for the project plan.  The statement of work lays out the entire landscape of the project before planning and execution begins. 

EasyCom Standard Rate

EasyCom’s standard rate is used to calculate overage for any agreement that has gone beyond its original scope.  For example, if a client engaged EasyCom with a five (5) hour professional services retainer and consumed six (6) hours of professional services, the standard rate would be used to calculate the invoice for the overage of one (1) hour.

Craig Fox
Author: Craig Fox

Perspective is everything, I say "The Glass is Too Big!"


Craig Fox

Perspective is everything, I say "The Glass is Too Big!"

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