Creating an online presence is the most basic reason for building a website. This means building a site that includes your business information, highlights what makes you special, and gives consumers a way to contact you. A good homepage will answer the questions “What do you do?” and “Why should I trust you?” Consumers will make a split-second decision on whether they’ll stay to learn more or go to a competitor.

Today, the retail environment includes more than just consumers browsing physical store locations for products and services. As consumers increasingly spend time online and visiting retail Websites, retailers are especially in need of new ways to capture sales. Potential customers, looking for products, information, store hours, …whatever, connect with businesses that meet their current needs and are the easiest to find and communicate with. Today, this connection can happen regardless of where the consumer or the product happen to be – at home, in the office, or on the road; and it doesn’t matter what type of device they happen to be using either – desktop computer, tablet or even a smart phone.