Take note that some EasyCom services are PrePaid services.

Recently we have seen more and more clients taking liberties with regards to not (fully) paying their bills on time. We keep all our prices as low as we possibly can by taking profit margins that are as small as possible and we do not want to raise these margins and therefore the costs of our services for all our clients because some clients do not pay or do not pay in time.

We trust you understand this and will cooperate by paying your invoices on time and therefore keeping the prices low for you and everyone else.

Whenever an invoice is sent to a client, there is a very clear Due Date on the invoice and as you would expect us to uphold our part of the service we would also expect you to do so. Non-payment of an invoice not relieve you from your payment obligations, now or for any future contractual invoices or obligations. If you wish to terminate any service you will have to do so separately as described in our Terms of Service of which the latest version is always available on our website.

The suspension and unsuspension process

After careful deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that we will have to become stricter with our suspension policy so that the prudent clients won’t suffer because of the nonpaying client and this will mean:
(all this is as already set out in our Terms of Services, but let’s make them extra clear here)