Email Archiving

Don’t struggle with email storage. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from secure, affordable Email Archiving . Backup your EasyCom email with Email Archiving. Administrators can restore lost email, take advantage of search tools, and protect your vital email—without extra software or expensive hardware. You can effortlessly back up every mailbox with email archiving all for the same price. Our archiving solution addresses some of the troublesome aspects of long-term email storage for every mailbox on your domain

Email - Archiving Storage
Email in transit to be archived is encrypted by SSL. Once in storage, it is encrypted using AES-256, which is used by the U.S. Department of Defense.
Email - Archiving Reports
Build a report based on activity by date or by the user, and more. Reports are sent directly to your registered email address
Email - Archiving Search
Search across some or all users message text, attachments, and metadata. Save searches for later viewing or for others to view.