Scalability is the ability of a system or service to handle a growing amount of work in a graceful manner and its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth. Small businesses, especially start-ups, encounter significant growth pains when delivering new IT services. Canned solutions that may have once served your needs later get replaced with custom solutions. Over time, your IT infrastructure can become fragmented and difficult to manage, with vendor lock-in preventing the deployment of superior solutions and service reliability beginning to falter. The lack of a standardized, scalable infrastructure can literally bring a rapidly growing business to a halt.

EasyCom’s services are specifically designed with small businesses in mind and are incredibly elastic.  You can add services as you grow in whatever manner works best for you.

Specifically you can add and drop as needed:" EasyCom Goal
When you decide to bring on a new employee or partner the last things you’ll worry about is how to communicate with them or how much is costs.

  • Mailboxes – each one come with calendaring, more disk space that anyone should really need,  and is integrated fully into the rest of EasyCom’s services.
  • Extensions – if needed, this is additional voicemail and integrated persons into the virtual receptionist.
  • Telepresence – local presence numbers and toll-free numbers
  • SharePoint – As many accounts as are needed, additional disk space may be obtained
  • WorkGroup Sizing – As needed, more disk space can be allocated or additional users may be added