Cloud Computing

[wpdialog title=”What is Cloud Computing” style=”ui-lightness” auto_open=”false” openlabel=”What is Cloud Computing?” show=”fade” hide=”puff” ] You may have heard the terms ‘Cloud Computing’ or ‘the Cloud,’ but could you describe what it is? There are so many definitions flying around that you wouldn’t be alone if you struggled with that question.

Cloud computing is a set of computing resources and services delivered over the Internet.

Put quite simply, when someone asks the question;
“Where do you keep your data?”
and your answer is;
“The Cloud.”
All you are saying is to
“Not here.”

So, the details are important![/wpdialog]

Cloud computing customers don’t have to raise the capital to purchase, manage, maintain, and scale the technical infrastructure their business requires.

Instead of having to the invest time and money to keep their sites afloat, cloud computing customers simply pay for the resources they use, as they use them.

This particular characteristic of cloud computing—its elasticity—means that customers no longer need to predict the future, but can promote their businesses aggressively and spontaneously. This is where many of the cost benefits, associated with using cloud-based services, are obtained.