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FAQ Detail

How do I setup the Find Me / Follow Me feature?

A “Find me” or “follow me” service to send calls to your base location or other phone number you choose. The service allows you to configure multiple phones to ring in sequence on incoming calls with criteria you set.
If there is no answer at your number, the service tries other locations in sequence or simultaneously until it receives an answer. The call is then connected as usual to the phone that answers. If none of the numbers answer, the caller is directed to Voice Mail.

From the EasyPBX Portal

  1. Logon to the EasyPBX Portal<br\>Using a web browser, logon into the EasyPBX portal using your credentials.
    You can connect to the portal by entering https://easypbx or https://easypbx.domain.name, where the domain name is the name of your local network.
  2. From the Apps menu select the Follow Me menu item
  3. Select the extension that you would like to configure the Follow Me feature for<br\>For most users there will only be a single extension listed.
  4. Enable the Follow Me feature by selecting the radio button
  5. Enter the telephone numbers you would like to have the system use into the Destination field.<br\>Note: If you do not put your own extension number into the list, your own extension will not ring when an inbound call is received.
    • The Delay and Timeout values are used to determine whether phones ring sequentially or simultaneously. To have your phones ring simultaneously, set the delay to ‘0’ for all the destinations you’ve selected.
    • The Prompt field will ask the reciver (you) to “Press a key to accept the phone call”. This feature is used to verify that there is a human on the other end of the phone call and stop call from being answered by your other destinations inadvertently. For example, if your cell phone is off and goes directly to voicemail a prompt will stop the call be sent immediately to that phones voicemail<br\>Note: you should not set the Prompt setting on your own extension.

From your Extension

This feature is not available directly from your phone