Legal Services

EasyCom has, in conjuction with solo and small practice firms, developed a series of templates for use by the Legal Services industry. These templates are designed to simplify the content creation process, allowing the independent practitioner to establish a presence, and speak to their community without being mired down by the technology. The template currently includes:

  • Website Template – Professional Services firms are based on relationships.  Provide bios and a sense of history to allow clients to become familiar with the firm.  An overview of the firm, preferably in narrative form, that speaks to existing and potential client. Speak to your community and post articles and white papers of interest that reflect the concerns of your clients and potential clients
  • Email Services – EasyCom has developed a series of email accounts/aliases that are used to expose your firm to the world.  These aliases are automatically created and/or forwarded to the individuals you assign. Very often, our subscribers have us watch the webmaster and other technology related email addresses.  Yup… we do that
  • SharePoint– EasyCom has developed a SharePoint site that enhances the productivity of the firm’s employees.