Installation & Migration

Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems is often a challenge for the small business owner. 

Change can be scary – so scary in fact, that sometimes, we are inclined to spend more than necessary to stick with what we know… Clinging to outdated applications or equipment isn’t beneficial to your company – it can hold your company back and keep you from accessing the best that current technology can offer. Even with that thought in mind, the prospect of upgrading can seem daunting…

EasyCom has a better plan for you – the migration process is included in our installation services.

EasyCom’s Engagement Team, backed by a team of migrations experts, will collaborate with you to migrate/integrate the following aspects of your business:

Cloud Migrations
Maintaining information in the cloud can benefit your company in many ways. Moving your email to the cloud provides the opportunity to consolidate multiple mailboxes per person, eliminating the need to keep checking for mail.  Keeping your existing website, including data, on EasyCom’s web platform will allow your users to access your site from anywhere, regardless of any local issues you might have with your technology. Having your existing Domain Name(s) managed in the cloud can correct any existing problems while preserving existing records.
Server Upgrades
Your network servers need to be replaced and upgraded to ensure consistent functionality over the long term . Your servers are essential to your company’s everyday productivity, so a consistent plan to verify their health and function is crucial. EasyCom keeps your servers current and operational while monitoring them for performance and capacity.
Network Upgrades
Completing a network overhaul is no easy feat, but the benefits are often worth the investment, increasing both efficiencies and capabilities within the organization. Ensuring consistent network speed and connectivity is essential to conducting everyday business, so EasyCom’s team will make sure your network’s resources are kept current and relevant to your needs.
Telephone Systems
Upgrading and maintaining your telecommunication system is imperative – your phone system is often the first impression a potential customer gets of your company. Utilizing out-of-date equipment, even if it works, can restrict your company’s capabilities and may limit your  ability to compete in the marketplace. EasyCom offers you the benefit of integrating a state-of-the-art phone system with any existing equipment, while providing all the services usually obtained through a phone company.  This consolidation of resources dramatically reduces your costs, the amount of taxes paid for communication, and the need to manage multiple vendors.