Install & Migration

Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems is one of the most difficult challenges facing the small business owner.  Let’s face it, change can be scary.  So scary in fact, that sometimes, while we know we are spending too much for too little, we stick with it anyway.  That’s why EasyCom includes the migration process into our service.

Backed by a team of migrations experts every step of the way. EasyCom’s Engagement Team will work with you to migrate these the following services:

  • Email – Moves email and folders from exisitng mailboxes over to EasyCom. If you have multiple personal mailboxes, we can consolidate your email so no more checking for mail.
  • WebSite – Migrate existing WebSite, including data, to EasyComs web plaform.
  • Domain Name – we will transfer you existing Domain Name(s) over and correct any problems that already exist
  • DNS records – All records, plus some more, will be preserved and transfered
  • Exisiting Local and 800 Telephone Numbers