Wouldn’t you like to know that your technology will continue to support your business in the most optimal way as you grow?

EasyCom is pleased to offer a subscription maintenance services to benefit your organization as it grows and changes, ensuring your technology continues to serve you as best as it can.  Whether you need to augment your phone system with advanced communication features, take advantage of tools in your infrastructure, or update the workstations in your office, EasyCom can provide all the expertise necessary to support your organization through these changes and more.

Telephony Maintenance
EasyCom can integrate your new phone system with your existing technology. We can also suggest options for managing your supporting infrastructure for efficiency and cost savings. Any changes that need to be made to your phone system, including adding users, changing ring circles, introducing complex reporting of usage statistics and more can be provided by EasyCom’s Maintenance Team.
Network Maintenance
EasyCom ensures that your company’s network is functioning optimally and maintaining consistent speed and access to information. Maintenance and timely upgrading of firewalls and permissions along with firmware updates will keep your network running smoothly, preventing problems rather than reacting to them.
Server Maintenance
EasyCom keeps an eye on your servers to verify that any security and malware software is up to date. Speed and performance are routinely checked to ensure consistency.  Routine maintenance of this critical aspect of your company’s technology will allow EasyCom to alert you to any issues before they become problems.
Workstation Maintenance
EasyCom can keep your company’s workstations functioning in tip-top condition.  We can adjust access settings, user options and permissions, and install or upgrade software for individual users or groups as necessary.