Consulting & Professional Services

EasyCom does more than just install new technology…

Our technology consultants offer expertise to bring your existing systems to peak functionality and suggest changes or improvements to benefit your company as it grows.  Our team will strategize with your company to map out a technology plan, so any future additions or modifications will be outlined and budgeted for in advance.

We can help with outside vendors and partners.

EasyCom has in-depth knowledge of your systems.  When it comes to integrating them with other applications, our consultants can serve as liaisons to other partners and vendors. Having EasyCom on your side will result in beneficial arrangements to fit your needs and budget.

EasyCom offers Technology Design Services.

Whether you’d like to integrate a new phone system with your existing phones, or you’d like to upgrade your office’s technology infrastructure, EasyCom can help with professional technology design services.

Technology Assessments
Before any improvements or changes are made to your company’s technology, you need to know what you have and if it’s meeting your needs. EasyCom can assess  and document your company’s technology and make specific recommendations. EasyCom’s team members draw on their experience in the field to guide you in utilizing or augmenting your company’s technology infrastructure.
Disaster Recovery Planning
Many companies learn the hard way how important Disaster Recovery is with regard to IT and their businesses overall.  Expecting to escape the  experience of a service outage or natural disaster is not a viable or practical choice – statistics tell the real story. Every business needs to have a business continuity plan in place. Not an just an idea, but a well-articulated, detailed course of action to ensure that their business can get through a disaster and continue to be productive in the aftermath.
Business Applications
One of the things that makes your company different from others are the applications you use to get the job done.  Supporting those all-important – but perhaps proprietary or difficult-to-integrate – software applications is critical. EasyCom supports these applications across all necessary technologies.  We will also be happy to assist on your company’s behalf when dealing with these line-of-business application vendors: to make the appropriate technology selection and negotiate favorable terms, to manage the installation/upgrade/migration process, or to receive the targeted support levels required.


From a basic listing of physical technology components that your office uses, to a comprehensive analysis of every piece of hardware, software and network items used by each member of your staff, EasyCom offers several levels of technology assessment to outline the current usage and future needs of your organization.  Such an assessment often results in a more streamlined and optimized technology infrastructure, which can lead to substantial benefits - saving your company both time and money.

43% of companies experiencing disasters never re-open, and 29% close within two years. — McGladrey and Pullen

An important, yet often-overlooked part of your business continuity plan is IT Disaster Recovery (DR). In broad terms, this is a method for dealing with and preventing IT downtime. Even if every other part of your business continuity plan is executed perfectly in the wake of a disaster, your company will remain at a standstill if all your IT systems go down and stay down. Then, the situation will only get worse as your revenue and reputation take a beating. Preventing a disaster from crippling your company is a necessary priority.

Line of Business Applications

The software applications your company uses that are relevant to your particular field are critical to your everyday business.  Having them work well consistently is crucial, as is maintaining any agreements associated with them. EasyCom will adjust and maintain your technology infrastructure to ensure consistent performance from these applications, as well as collaborate with any application's vendor to ensure appropriate configurations and arrangements for your company.