Email & Calendaring

Email is one of the most effective and inexpensive tools in your marketing arsenal, with an average cost of less than a penny per email. It’s also an obvious (if often overlooked) strategy for generating more revenue from the customers you already have.

  • Email is the simple and inexpensive way to generate added income from current customers by informing your customers about upcoming promotions, special offers, and your new products and services.
  • Email is convenient – customers can read your email when they want, where they want.
  • Email lets you track results. You can see how many people received, opened and acted on your email.

EasyCom lets you

  • Work Anytime, Anywhere: Get full access to all of your email folders, contacts, calendars, and files from Microsoft Outlook or browser, from anywhere, anytime!
  • Stay Connected: Carry your contacts, calendar, notes, emails and task list on the road in your BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and other popular smartphones

Shared calendars, like shared documents, push our boundaries in the workplace. Shared calendars let other people see and touch our time in ways that have limited equivalents. Having a staff member, usually an assistant, manage your calendar used to be a status signal and implied that your time was important. But shared calendars instead open your time to the world — a huge benefit for our evermore collaborative work.

Shared calendars allows you to share and cordinate schedules with others of your choice. You do not have to worry about calling and/or emailing participants numerous times to schedule an event. When you know when everyone is free or busy, scheduling is a snap. You can also send invitations to your events and track their RSVPs by email.