Conference Calling

"In this Age of ‘Real-Time Communications’, Stay Connected, no matter where you happen to be in the world"Keeping employees connected when they work from home or in a virtual office has its challenges. When an employee spends the bulk of his or her time away from the office, communication can suffer and the employee may become isolated. In addition, off-site team members may be unaware of the minor changes that take place in the office. These problems can be avoided with forethought and the right communications tools.

Regular meetings via conference calls can alleviate feelings of isolation, build relationships, and facilitate collaboration. If you have an entire team of virtual workers, conference call becomes even more critical.

Conference Calling

  • Conference calls help with personification.
  • Save money on travel costs and increase productivity

Conference Bridging can

  • Schedule calls to team meetings or hold sales/customer training
  • Host up to 30 participants at one time
  • Password protected that can easily and frequently be changed