Virtual Receptionist

Incoming telephone lines of most businesses phone systems are answered by an AutoAttendant or Virtual Receptionist. Unfortunately, businesses without an Virtual Receptionist appear small in size to their potential customers. A traditional in-house auto attendant is very expensive, requiring costly set up and maintenance and these systems are not in the price range of many small businesses.
"Get the features and benefits of a sophisticated Fortune 500 phone system, without the cost."

With EasyCom you get:

  • No busy signals — Ever!!!
  • Instant call transfer & voicemail allows you to keep everyone in your company accessible from the office, on the road, home, or away need
  • Customers and coworkers can instantly reach any employee anytime regardless of location.
  • Incoming calls are answered with a professional customized greeting you create and with unlimited voice prompts & menus provided you get the ultimate in flexibility
  • Calls can be instantly routed to the extension,voicemail,  and/or phone number of your choice.  You can add as many extensions or voicemail boxes as you need.
  • Callers can leave messages and you can retrieve your voice messages by phone or email.
  • Route callers to the phone numbers of your choice, for example your office, home, cell phone, etc. and add distinctive ring.  All based the conditions of  your choosing: time of day, caller id, menu prompts, and more.