Voicemail systems are designed to convey a caller’s recorded audio message to a recipient. With EasyCom when a caller leaves you a voicemail, the message is sent as an attachment to any email address you choose.  Of course you can also check your voicemail from the phone as before, but this gives you an archival service of value.  You can save the email, with the original voice message intact, onto your hard drive.

"Imagine if…" You get a call from your client that gives instructions as to some extra staking of the property line they’d like done by the surveyor. You can always call the surveyor and reiterate the verbal message, and it will probably work well, even if they have to write a notebook full to get all the instructions right. Or, you can forward the voicemail from the client directly to the surveyor. There’s no middle person to mess up the information transfer, and the surveyor can play it over and over to get the instructions right without you having to say them multiple times on a phone call.