A business’s presence allows consumers to find and connect with those who can serve them best at any particular moment of time. By consistently promoting your company and increasing your availability, you can develop a presence in any location.  EasyCom allows you establish a presence that attracts more customers to your business and sell your products to people around the world or around the corner.

Potential customers, looking for products, information, store hours, …whatever, connect with businesses that meet their current needs and are the easiest to find and communicate with. Today, this connection can happen regardless of where the consumer or the product happen to be – at home, in the office, or on the road; and it doesn’t matter what type of device they happen to be using – office phone, mobile phone, email, even softphones.

EasyCom provides our subscribers a series of tools to increase their business’s presence and connect with their stakeholders. This ever-growing list includes:

  • Internet Domain Name(s) – Get a name on the Internet you can use to brand your product. If you already have a domain name, we provide the management necessary to keep it current. We can also help you select one.
  • WebSite(s) – EasyCom provides business templates to make the website process simple, if you already have a web site we will migrate it for you. Need help developing the right site… we can help with that too!
  • Messaging & Calendaring – Get Email, calendaring, webmail, fax to email, instant messaging, and more… all branded by your company
  • Telephone – Communications is part of our name. Telephone service is provided, in any area. Get single telephone number to simplify access to your business or create a local presence by establishing numbers within specific cities. With an Virtual Recpetionistto control and intelligently route your phone calls, you’ll never miss an important call again.

Our list of services continues to build, we’ve recently added Paperless Faxing and Instant Messaging to the list. For a complete list of services, see The Technology Behind EasyCom

EasyCom Goal —
Providing everything a small business needs to successfully establish a presence; on the Internet or in any local market around the world.”

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