EasyCom’s philosophy of fully serving the technology needs of local small businesses
has been ours since before we were called EasyCom…

EasyCom is an evolution of The Mercury Group, a technology consulting company specializing in serving the technology needs of small businesses. Founded in 1998, The Mercury Group provided technical training services along with strategic technology management services for small-to-medium sized businesses. Although many changes have taken place since its inception, EasyCom and The Mercury Group’s underlying philosophy of the integration of customer relations with technology services remains at our core.

Aligning technology with the needs of our clients allows EasyCom to identify and
pursue returns on investment that are commonly promised, but often missed.

At EasyCom, our staff combines years of experience in many aspects of technology – from networking and application systems design to technical documentation and training. We pride ourselves on a friendly and supportive approach, and we are happy to share our knowledge with our clients.

Our job is to make your technology serve you as best as it can.