File Sharing

File sharing provides access to digitally stored information, such as multimedia (audio, images, and video), documents, or electronic books. Imp

EasyCom provides file sharing capabilities a variety of ways. Through the cloud-based implementation of SharePoint Services from Microsoft.  Through libraries, a list where each item in the list refers to a file that stored in SharePoint, you can create and manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other types of files. You can add a new file to a library or replace an existing file with a revised version of a file.

EasyCom’s SharePoint File Services provide:

  • Seamless integration into Windows Explorer"SharePoint offers the small business a lot more than fancy file sharing"
  • Approve or reject items or files in a list or library
  • Collaborate on a document in a Document Workspace site
  • Create or delete additional libraries, including form libraries, picture libraries, and more.
  • Create or delete sub-folders in libraries
  • Manage permissions for a list, library, folder, document, or list item