Project Management

SharePoint Project ScreenshotTo be truly successful with a demanding project.  EasyCom allows for projects to be created using tasks as a discrete work item that a single person can be assigned to (although you may decide not to assign anybody to any tasks).  You can add tasks, assign resources to tasks, update the progress on tasks, and view the task information on bars that are displayed along a timeline

Besides tracking the schedule- and resource-related data, a project manager needs to support knowledge sharing and team collaboration or suffer risks like these:

  • Under the typical urgency to begin building a solution, an important requirement goes unrecognized until the customer acceptance test. Correcting the problem so late in the product development cycle takes a factor of 20 or more times the duration and/or cost of designing for that requirement from the beginning — and at the most visible and costly time to miss the expected delivery schedule.
  • Two developers begin inventing in incompatible directions.
  • The customer’s priorities are not well understood by one of the business analysts.
  • Under time pressure, a software developer misses an important specification.
  • A program manager assumes that a key new member of the team will know what information he’ll need at each step in the process, and that he will ask for it then.